Strawberry Cup

Strawberry Cup


These ceramic cups were thrown on the wheel and decorated with hand drawn and painted strawberry designs using a transfer technique. The outside illustrations are glazed over in clear while the insides have a maroon glaze as an accent color. These are perfect for sipping on any cool or room temperature beverage of your choice. Hot beverages are not recommended as there is no handle.

These cups are made in multiples. The cup you will receive may vary slightly from the one pictured. While they are roughly the same size and shape, they can vary from piece to piece due to the handmade nature. Each is roughly 4 1/2” tall and holds about 12 fl oz. These cups are dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Shipping costs $6 for first item, with $2 added for each addition item in an order. Everything will be shipped through USPS priority.  It may also take a few days to process your order and prepare it for shipment.

Each item is handmade and unique. They may differ in size or shape even when made to match. Minor imperfections are a part of the handmade process.